Food Safety


Getting you the safest product

Food safety is a growing issue in the world today.  At Emerald Valley Ranches we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the most aggressive food safety standards.

By using the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) guidelines we conduct internal audits and 3rd party audits throughout the growing season. Following these strict standards, we are able to spot potential risks and eliminate them well in advance.

Internal audits are done once a month throughout the growing season and each season a 3rd party auditor reviews our food safety plans and practices. From seed to harvest, each process is documented and reviewed to ensure the safest product.


Inspecting the product before boxing

Once our product is ready to harvest, it goes through many inspection stages.

Our harvest crews are trained to spot defects, so only the highest of quality is packed. Our cooler crews ensure that product is cooled to the proper temperature as soon as it comes in from the field. This locks in freshness and flavor.

Every load of product that leaves our distribution center is inspected by a licensed USDA inspector to meet US No. 1 specifications.